Lino Bianco

Lino Bianco

A few weeks ago I was approached by sales director Rachel Browne to shoot some clothing for Manchester based clothing company Lino Bianco. Their clothing is made in Italy to produce the finest quality fabrics and then sold to the UK market on

I can see why they approached me after having a browse on their website. The clothes just weren’t done justice. The website design is very high key and simple, a very basic colour scheme (probably chosen to make the items stand out). The clothes however did not stand out. They fell behind in the background looking washed out.

Luckily I was given creative freedom to spice up these commercial photographs. My idea was to add some much needed contrast to the website with some different styling ideas and staying as far away from a white background as I could. I added a sexyness to it making their demographic younger by 10 years. The A/W collection has a very nude/neutral theme with very luxurious matte fabrics so with styling I wanted to add some shine to it to add a playfulness to the site. This was done through the jet-black hair of the stunning model Christina and an amazing pair of the models own wet-look leggings. Of course no shoot is complete without a great make up artist to set the mood. Lauren Amy is my make up artist of choice and she really helped to create the girl we were selling to (sophisticated, simple style who likes to make a statement).

Originally we just shot 10 pieces from the collection which was a lot of the coats and knits, a couple of jumpers and pants but we ended up doing the full collection a week later shooting a further 50+ pieces (in just 4 hours!). To keep up with the pace we budgeted for another model to join us to speed up the process. Ceri Rees was a request from the client after having seen in my previous work how well Ceri & Christina work together to compliment each others looks. They allow the website to show different body types and styling.

It was a hectic, rainy, busy few hours (followed by several hours retouching), but it was completely worth it to see the clothes transform.

Note: Thanks to Simon Anderson for letting us use your beautiful studio.