For around 4 years now I’ve been totally in love with Kirsty Mitchell’s Photography. I’m not really sure how I stumbled upon her work, but I’m so happy I did. She created a series of photographs she’s called ‘Wonderland‘, where she has created a set of characters and stories that tell tales about her journey of grief for her late mother. It’s impossible to sum up her work in just a few short sentences when her journey has been so much more than a few lines. If you visit her website, she keeps a diary of her thoughts and process. And if you go back far enough you’ll read a very beautiful story about her relationship with photography as it evolves.

Mitchell launched a Kickstarter campaign last year in order to make her dream of the series becoming a photo book a reality. And to many cheering fans, that supported her, it became one. I pledged to the campaign and in doing so got a signed copy of the book. There was a warehouse issue meaning that I didn’t actually get mine signed after all, but I did get a personal signed note from her which in some ways is even more special.

The book came a couple of months ago between Christmas and New Year. Well, I actually missed the delivery and waited up until 6am and ran to the post office in the snow to get it – I literally could not wait to experience it. Opening it was something more special than I had imagined. I had seen most of the images before online or through Mitchell’s video diaries but to have them all in my hands, in one giant 40lb book was pretty incredible – and completely worth investing in.

It’s kind of sad that she’s never going to make any more of these books, and that the 2,000 copies she made will be the only ones ever made. I’m proud and so very grateful that I was fortunate enough to support her whilst I could. Here are some images of her incredible book, Wonderland. 

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