The world of photography is changing. Particularly when it comes to fashion. And I’m so happy to see that it’s changing for the better; to be more inclusive, diverse and open. That is to include not only your average caucasian, straight models plastered over every page of the magazines, but to engage in cultural commentary and have a fairer representation of every kind of person, or rather to acknowledge that we are all unique.

Art, fashion and image makers have a huge responsibility to make sure that all are represented. We are those that create for others to look at, we set an example and create ideas with our images. And I want to be part of that conversation that changes perceptions and invites people of every sex, race, nationality, to realise their uniqueness. In that, I was lucky enough to shoot with Ethan Briscoe, a transgender male whom was featured on the Channel 4 Documentary, Girls To Men. (Watch here).

Styled by the wonderful Becky Nichol we wanted to shoot in location, something that traditionally male and typical but then with context, turn it on it’s head and create a discussion about fashion, gender and identity. With thanks to Dirty Filthy Barbers here in Carlisle, they allowed us to use their barber shop as the backdrop for our shoot. This fit in so well to the dialogue we wanted to create. This traditionally male grooming salon becomes this place of freedom and liberation for Ethan who has been trapped inside another body for so long. We made a point of showing Ethan’s newly growing facial hair and how he has became the man he was always supposed to be.

I’m proud of the images we created, and not just because the whole team loved them, but because we got to show Ethan at his best and get a true representation of himself. This is what fashion and image making is all about; that we got to create one more ripple in the sea of diversity.

Styling: Becky Nichol
Make Up: Lauren Amy Mua